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HUB Health

HUB Health provides an online solution for confidential health records, letting customers stay close to the claims process. With a free choice of healthcare provider HUB Health offers a range of automation possibilities for efficient claims processing. A pre-approved service provider network ensures optimal service quality to help prevent recurring claims.


Digital claims process with automation

Delivering optimal workflow efficiency supported by a range of rules-based automated processes.

The claimant is in focus

Claimant gets a transparent claims experience that delivers quick access to the needed treatment.

Secure supplier and doc. management

Manage price agreements, pre-purchased service, steering, availability, SLAs, tenders services and contracts to the right level of detail for your organization and your market.

Customer journey

Outch, my arm hurts!
Is my claim covered, and where can i get treatment?
Medical consultation
Is it okay to operate, and when is my appointment?
Great! My arm is fixed

HUB Analytics

HUB Property Analysis Report 1000

HUB Analytics

By combining the analytics module with the Scalepoint HUB solution, you:

  • Gain deeper insights into your data
  • Get easy-to-read dashboards and reports tailored to your specific needs
  • Get access to a unique setup for each line of business
Get all the benefits

Other HUB Editions

HUB Motor

The claims handling system automates over 70% of all car damages and ensures quick contact to workshops so claimants get quicker service.

HUB Property

The system lifts the burden away from end-customers when there is water in the basement or hole in the roof. All project management between insurance company and craftsmen is automated.

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