Scalepoint HUB

Automate repair processes for motor, property and health. Benefit from a solid ecosystem of claims suppliers and settlement tools. Provide online access to service partners and end-customers.

What if you could solve some of your biggest challenges

Are you struggling with control of suppliers and prices, and is this pushing up your claims costs?
Is it difficult to obtain better prices and services because of current supplier agreements?
Are your customers left in the lurch because they must manage their own repair processes?

How Salepoint HUB can help you

Scalepoint HUB helps ensure you pay the correct price for repair services according to your procurement agreements. You don’t have to check invoices and offers because automation handles it all. You save money and end-customers get the help they need proactively and can follow the claims process from A to Z. They get a better customer experience, which increases loyalty.

Industry standard

Market-leading portal for claims processes. Accessible by all claims service suppliers.

Targeted ecosystem

Customised ecosystems for motor, property, and health. Pre-integrated with service partners and relevant data sources.

Lower total costs

Shared costs on common SaaS platform. Built-in compliance and data security.

HUB's ecosystem enables seamless claims management

Scalepoint HUB connects all parties in the damage repair process via a portal. It’s a comprehensive ecosystem tailored to motor, property and health, with built-in supplier management. Automatic validation and price control are performed along the way.

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Automate your repair process

Scalepoint HUB is built on top of your existing claim system and handles repair of damage from end to end. The solution provides access to an established network of suppliers, including car repair shops, craftsmen and healthcare professionals, as well as other key players who help solve the claimant's problem.


The claims handling system automates over 70% of all car damages and ensures quick contact to workshops so claimants get quicker service.


The system lifts the burden away from end-customers when there is water in the basement or hole in the roof. All project management between insurance company and craftsmen is automated.


The system manages and automates the many processes between the insurance company and healthcare providers so that end-customers with health problems or injuries can focus their energy on getting well.

HUB extends existing claims system

Scalepoint HUB integrates with your existing claims system. The solution handles all steps in the repair process and is adapted to processes and workflows for each type of claim.

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It's all in the built-in ecosystem

The ecosystem is a digital gateway to various public IT systems, selected service partners and other digital services. It collects data from public and other external data sources, ensures communication to and from the supplier network, including the workshops, craftsmen, and healthcare professionals involved, and controls prices and procurement agreements.

Digital services

Calculation systems

Supplier integration

Financial system and order system

Third party services

Craftsmen, workshops, hospitals and clinics

HUB Analytics

HUB Property Analysis Report 1000

HUB Analytics

By combining the analytics module with the Scalepoint HUB solution, you:

  • Gain deeper insights into your data
  • Get easy-to-read dashboards and reports tailored to your specific needs
  • Get access to a unique setup for each line of business
Get all the benefits

A unique SaaS delivery model

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A unique SaaS delivery model

Our delivery model is multi-tenant SaaS. That means you share the solution with other insurance companies and enjoy economies of scale. The solution is preconfigured with country layers but can be adapted to your exact needs. Implementation takes months instead of years, saving significant costs.

  • Pre-configured
  • Built-in country layer
  • Multi-tenant SaaS
What is SaaS, again?

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